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We know it can be a daunting world to get invovled in, so here is our bluffer's guide to getting started with video games.

Multiplayer games, by their nature, need to enable players to symaltaneously view what is going on in the same game. there are a few different ways that these games achieve this. Split screen games provide a portion of the screen for each player giving them full control of their view of the game. Screen shared games view all players on the same screen at once, the camera has to pann out to ensure they are all kept in view. Turn based games alternate from player to player, each taking a turn to look at the screen, and look away when it's not their go. Again this is usually described on the back of the box.

For example. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift PS3 provide up to four player split screen. LittleBigPlanet PS3 opts for a shared screen. Advance Wars: Dark Conflict DS uses a turn based approach.

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