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02/06/2011 Thinking Game People Podcast
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Heavy Rain PS3

Heavy Rain




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Heavy Rain frustrates as much as it moves and endears us. This podcast is a chance for our writers to figure out why.

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Welcome back to the Game People podcast, my name is Paul Govan and I write the Family Gamer Section. Today I'm joined by Alex Beech, Sinan Kubba and Jon Seddon.

We'll be talking about the game in detail so be aware we may give a few things away if you've not finished it yet.

Videogame Podcast Guests

Andy Robertson appears in this podcast. "Videogame reviews for the whole family, not just the kids. I dig out videogame experiences to intrigue and interest grownups and children. This is post-hardcore gaming where accessibility, emotion and storytelling are as important as realism, explosions and bravado."

Alex Beech appears in this podcast. "Games connect us to exhilaration in various ways. I love mine to scare me. Although the shock, horror and gore are all pretty unnerving, nothing comes close to the sweaty palms of playing games that take you to ridiculously high places - InFamous, Mirror's Edge and Uncharted to name a few."

Sinan Kubba appears in this podcast. "As an 80s kid I was obsessed with gaming. But university, stress and life relegated my hobby to the backseat. After years in the wilderness, I'm back into video games. I don't just want to play games that remind of a happy youth though. I'm just as excited about games that take things forward, experiences that re-ignite that curiosity and fascination I had years ago."

Jon Seddon appears in this podcast. "Dress-up is the door to a world of make believe and theatre. I review games that let me escape my world and take on a myriad of roles. I love games that emphasise my character and the choices I can make - whether I am merely outfitting them for the fight or choosing which of my crew to save."

Here's what we have written about Heavy Rain:

BBC's Sherlock series adopts Heavy Rain's art style, visual communication and origami theme. We know, because Sherlock says as much the first time he uses the emotive on-screen text that Cage's game became famous for. Elementary... read now

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Terminus (Part Two): Quick Time Events - A review in the form of a short story. In a dramatic conclusion, the time-traveller feels caught between a nostalgic past and an experimental future, while fighting for control of his body... listen now

Sun, 04 Sep 2011 Loading comments...

Heavy Rain frustrates as much as it moves and endears us. This podcast is a chance for our writers to figure out why... listen now

Thu, 02 Jun 2011 Loading comments...

Heavy Rain's BAFTA-winning soundtrack (Best Original Score, Videogame, 2011) exerts an excellence common among film scores but which is quite rare among games. It is traditional, but packs an emotional and musical punch setting it apart from its peers... read now

Sun, 20 Mar 2011 Loading comments...

Heavy Rain is a beautifully emotional experience punctuated with tension and nerve shredding suspense. Although its lofty ambitions of gaming nirvana slip ultimately through its fingers, it still moved me to my core... read now

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