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Proof that Heavy Rain inspired BBC's Sherlock

16/01/2012 Heavy Rain News
Guest author: Andy Robertson
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Heavy Rain PS3

Heavy Rain




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BBC's Sherlock series adopts Heavy Rain's art style, visual communication and origami theme. We know, because Sherlock says as much the first time he uses the emotive on-screen text that Cage's game became famous for. Elementary.

It's not often that TV copies a videogame for its aesthetic, in fact gamers are usually busy trying to claim that games are like TV and film. But Sherlock puts Heavy Rain PS3 to excellent use in the show that stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Watson.

As well as the general art style, the short focal length of the cityscapes and origami killer of episode 2, Sherlock makes frequent use of Heavy Rain's publishing of emotions and thoughts to the screen via text.

As if to disclose the source of their inspiration for those in the know, as the show first reaches for the words-on-the-screen technique Sherlock says "It's obvious isn't it? She's been in Heavy Rain in the last few hours... where has there been Heavy Rain and strong wind in that time?"

Then in the second series we see more of Heavy Rain's approach to investigation. Sherlock asks to go do his Mind Palace during the second episode of season two (The Hounds of Baskerville) and proceeds to move evidence, images and ideas about in just the same way as Jayden does in his Additional Reality Interface.

Perhaps the best thing about this discovery is that both experiences, videogame and TV show, are excellent examples of the modern thriller.

Heavy Rain 2 Canned


Heavy Rain PS3 won't have a sequel, or at least not one that bears the same name. Cage is focusing on branding his approach to gaming rather than individual titles.

David Cage, producer on Heavy Rain, today revealed that there are no plans for a sequel to Heavy Rain PS3. More likely is another original interactive drama with filmic qualities from his studio Quantic Dreams.

Cage plans to focus on an ongoing brand rather than an individual franchise. With the Move version of the game due for release 8th November we are sure the studio is already working on their next masterpiece - which is no bad thing however they brand it.

Heavy Rain Move Announced


Heavy Rain is promised a PlayStation Move makeover. The new controls aim to fix some of the responsiveness issues while created a deeper connection between player and game play.

Heavy Rain Move Edition uses the PlayStation Move motion controller to detect gestures and navigation controller for general movements. The game is backward compatible with the standard Dualshock 3 if you don't have PlayStation Move.

Heavy Rain Move Edition will be available before Christmas 2010 in stores as well as a PSN update if you already own it.

Heavy Rain has been released on PS3 and been provided for us to preview/review by the publisher.

Believe it or not we are still playing it. Here are some extracts of what we made of it in chronological order:

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"Heavy Rain frustrates as much as it moves and endears us. This podcast is a chance for our writers to figure out why..."
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"Heavy Rain is a beautifully emotional experience punctuated with tension and nerve shredding suspense. Although its lofty ambitions of gaming nirvana slip ultimately through its fingers, it still moved me to my core..."
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"Heavy Rain PS3 is a remarkable achievement, although one that could have been so much more convincing. Dwarfed by its own expectations, there needed to be more humanity and acting going on for this to work. But in spite it all this is a very special game..."
- Family Gamer (Mon, 09 Aug 2010)

"Heavy Rain PS3 shoots for the moon, but while the filmic nature is impressive it doesn't distract from the juvenile game play. In parts scary, while in others unbelievable. A game I enjoyed watching more than I enjoyed playing..."
- Scared Gamer (Mon, 09 Aug 2010)

"On progressive and artistic grounds Heavy Rain falls at every hurdle with clumsy delivery of story and characters. Visually strong but without the script to back it up. Contrived emotional moments left me feeling cold and unaffected. The vision of an interactive film may have been achieved but its lack of soul made all those technical achievements meaningless..."
- Soulful Gamer (Mon, 09 Aug 2010)

Heavy Rain PS3 Release

16/01/2012 03:51

Guest review by Andy Robertson

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