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Dead Space 360 Review

28/09/2008 Artistic Poetic Gamer Review
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Dead Space 360

Dead Space



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Here's a poem a wriote while playing, Deadspace.

Disc goes in and everything becomes a bit more scary.
Every sound around my house gets amplified, Iím wary.
Around me are noises, unfamiliar scrapes, and clicks, and clanks.
Dead space is only a game! So why am I crapping* my pants!

Seriously scary and not in a good way, I think Iím going to die!
Parasite aliens everywhere, Iím a man Iím not gonna cry.
Aliens scare me I must confess Iíll not become a dribbling mess.
Care free lives wiped from the map by a menacing sci-fi freak,
Every five minutes I jump and scream as I notice my energyís weak.

Invincible my characters not, I have to keep him alive.
Surreally I question not why glowing canisters help me survive.

Really though, why am I scared, itís not like any of itís real!
Even though Iím aware of this, I still let out a squeal.
Aliens, idiot donít exist, yet how can I not be scared?
Leaking pipes, faulty lights, and darkness are everywhere!
Living in fear is just not fun, my adrenalin is in overdrive.
You fool why did you buy such a nice TV where great sound and picture thrive?

So why does a grown mans stomach grow tight every time he turns on the game?
Craving this feeling that torments me so, I think that I may be insane!
Although when I think, last time a game made me jump up and cringe this way,
Resident Evil was its name and it changed the way games were played.
You played a film, while zombies you killed

Honestly fun and honestly spooky
One of the greats unashamedly kooky
Now Dead Space is here and ten years on itís taken up the slack
Even now as I jump, I feel slightly relieved that a game really took me back.
So Iím not a big girl, just a gamer like you, who likes to be shocked and thrilled
Till next time my friends, get scared donít pretend, and enjoy every alien killed.

Written by Ali Ellis

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