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28/08/2010 Specialist Reporting Gamer News
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GoldenEye Nintendo Wii


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GoldenEye has been released on Nintendo Wii and been provided for us to preview/review by the publisher.

Believe it or not we are still playing it. Here are some extracts of what we made of it in chronological order:

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- Scripted Gamer (Sat, 25 Dec 2010)

"GoldenEye 007 Wii updates Pierce Brosnan's debut cinematic adventure as a game starring Daniel Craig. The result is not only a fun FPS for the Wii, but also a fascinating new take on the movie's storyline..."
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"right, before i get on to sharing my thoughts about the experience of playing GoldenEye 007 Wii, there are just a few things i would like to say about the concept:.."
- Tired Gamer (Thu, 02 Dec 2010)

"GoldenEye 007 DS charmed us with Dame Judi Dench's dulcet tones, but even that wasn't enough to keep us from going back to play Black Ops DS..."
- Family Gamer (Fri, 19 Nov 2010)

"GoldenEye 007 reminds us the Wii isn't just a novelty. Visuals and game play stand up alongside the 360 and PS3, while at the same time it delivers more local multiplayer modes than those consoles usually do..."
- Family Gamer (Wed, 10 Nov 2010)

GoldenEye Nintendo Wii Release

28/08/2010 10:30

GoldenEye Wii may not be a replica of the classic N64 game, but it has enough of the family likeness to be an exciting prospect for local multiplayer fans. Four player split screen, online multiplayer and perks sound happily familiar.

Although Rare's ties with Microsoft have reserved the original GoldenEye and Perfect Dark for XBLA, this new version of GoldenEye for the Wii is promising. It's a fresh game based on the GoldeneEye film updated with Daniel Craig's more lethal approach to secret agent-ing.

GoldenEye 007, of course, offers four-player split-screen multiplayer. But with 40 characters, eight classic Bonds, ten maps and three game modes this is more than a by the numbers recreation. There is also an online multiplayer for up to eight players with unique modes and perks.

A special version of the game bundles a gold Classic Controller Pro. It looks nice, but also offers an additional control scheme. In addition to the Wii-mote and Nun-chuck, GoldenEye also supports the Wii Zapper for easier point and shoot game play.

Written by Paul Govan

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