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Peppa Pig: The Game Wii Guide

16/05/2011 Specialist Frugal Gamer Guide
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Peppa Pig: The Game Nintendo Wii

Peppa Pig: The Game

Nintendo Wii


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Peppa Pig: The Game on the Nintendo Wii brings one of the most popular children's cartoons to the home console and is full of exciting minigames and activities. Playing as either Peppa or George, kids will instantly feel at ease with the simple Wii controls and the mixture of fun minigames means that there's an activity for everyone - even the parents! The easy gameplay and integration with Peppa Pig DS opens up a world of entertainment and education that's snortingly good fun for kids of all ages.

Peppa Pig: The Game is a delightful experience for children who adore Peppa and her friends. Exploring and interacting with everything from the cartoon series is an entertaining experience and packed with fun mini-games full of variety and character. Each of the mini-games is presented in the same style as the TV cartoon and contains familiar character to control with the Wii remote.

There are 11 minigames to choose from which include Bubble Bath, Kite Flying, Car Trip and Muddy Puddles. With such a mixture on offer it means the experience is kept fresh and fun, especially when you consider how easy the gameplay can be. With adjustable difficulty levels and an intuitive control system, kids won't get bored or discouraged by awkward puzzles or tricky challenges.

The games also encourage the development of children's concentration skills, the ability to think creatively and their numeracy skill. With timed challenges and scoring systems,Peppa Pig: The Game is just as much educational as it is fun for kids to play. This combination worked especially well when combined with the Wii. Nintendo's console is always accessible for families and having such an iconic character to play with the Wii remote is a tremendous experience.

The integration of the Nintendo DS game also allows players to explore the world of Peppa Pig even more, with unlockable costumes, items and pictures for everyone to enjoy. This puts it on a par with all the other Peppa Pigs toys as being an essential purchase for parents with young children. The extra unlockable pictures are an excellent move as these are available in the Colouring-In minigame and extend the interest for that section even more.

What my own kids liked the best was the ability to set whether or not the games were against the clock or in free play. Playing to a strict time limit made for some exciting gameplay with some good, friendly competitiveness amongst us all. But free play was equally as satisfying with the kids having the time to learn certain mechanics or skills to get better at the game.

Having the ability set different difficulty levels for each player was also a blessing. It made playing the game as a family a much more rewarding experience when we were able to set each of us to the right level. This level of equality ensured I our gaming sessions were always fair and led to some of the best family gaming we've had on the Wii.

Having such a range of mini-games in Peppa Pig: The Game is essential to extending its interest for the kids. With that variety in place it entertains children for hours and the ability to replay the games and improve in skill and ability means its a sure-fire winner. The Peppa Pig series gets a long-awaited Wii video game and combined with the successfully DS version there's never been a better time to play with Peppa Pig.

Written by Jan Brookes

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