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Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun DS News

11/03/2011 Specialist Reporting Gamer News
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Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun DS

Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun



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Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun has been released on DS and been provided for us to preview/review by the publisher.

Believe it or not we are still playing it. Here are some extracts of what we made of it in chronological order:

"Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun is another impressive game for really young players. A story and more involved challenges join the physics based fun. Our junior gamer gives us the low down..."
- Junior Gamer (Thu, 14 Apr 2011)

"Peppa Pig DS and Wii games offer mini sandbox play spaces for very young players. Free from scores and time limits they can simply enjoy interacting with an old friend..."
- Family Gamer (Thu, 10 Mar 2011)

Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun DS Release

11/03/2011 06:51

Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun is designed for very young players, but this doesn't mean derivative or overly easy minigames. In stead it promises a well judged experience that has required as much design and investment as a big budget title.

Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun is another minigame collection on the DS. But having been impressed with how well the previous Peppa Pig games understand the very young audience and how much investment had gone into the delivery, I am excited about a new addition to the range.

It takes Peppa and family away from house and home and to the fairground. Activities range from balloon riding, see-saw balancing and other theme park related fun. As before each of these are modelled with a surprisingly high level of physics and animation.

Rather than a simplified version of a grown up game, these feel like they have been designed just for kids - and very young kids at that. Firstly they make excellent use of real physics to make interactions believeable and fun. Then, as before, they don't have a score or time limit and progress is simply mapped by John Sparkes' excellent narration.

Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun is released on 25th March on the DS and Wii.

Written by Paul Govan

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