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People review Tue, 11 Sep 2007

Simply put, we want to ensure Canadians have access to mature and intelligent game journalism that addresses our specific interests and concerns. I look forward to being part of Canadas new voice in games criticism. I hope youll join me.

Magic Made Fun teaches you how to perform a series of magic tricks using these bits and bobs and of course your mysterious (silky slim) assistant - your DS. As you progress through the game you are taught increasingly intricate tricks based on slight of hand, or subtle visual clues on the provided cards or the DS interface itself. The game divides into three areas: Solo Magic, Magic Show and Magic Training. Solo provides a collection of tricks that the DS plays on you (or indeed whoever you hand it to). Magic Show then develops tricks that you perform with the DS. Finally, Magic Training encompasses some rather trite mini-games - as we have become used to in the Brain Training series.
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