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Gamecube games can still be played on the Wii and offer some rich undescovered treats at a very reasonable price.

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Viewtiful Joe looks unique and delivers a superior side-scrolling brawler. The blend of visuals and deft storytelling also offers a depth that becomes surprisingly endearing... read now

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Killer 7 is strange, unexpected and unique. Presentation may be marred by pretentious storytelling and simple mechanics - but it still sent my mind reeling with its thought-provoking narrative and highly charged ending... read now

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Eternal Darkness scared me. It appears to be a shocks and jumps horror game, but is in fact something much more disturbing. By the end I felt like I'd been as much a victim of proceedings as the characters I was playing... read now

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Five years ago when this game was first released, we'd played our way through the Gamecube Donkey Konga bongo drum games, and were intrigued to know how a platform game could possibly work using a bongo drum controller, which only really has three options - left drum, right drum, and clap/tap. .. read now

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Oh my gosh i love Zelda games. The scale of the environment. The consistency of art and design down through the ages. The quality of Nintendo's careful handed development. The hype, excitement and fan service. The trumpet tune when you open a chest. But the bottom line is I've never been able to see one through to the finish... read now

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The Time Splitters team, Free Radical Design, hale from video game hallowed ground. Namely, from the developer who produced the break through first person shooter Golden Eye on the N64. This background set them in (more than) good stead to develop their own take on the genre, providing the same high quality experience... read now

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As the gaming world enjoys the release of Pikmin for the Wii, if you didn't play either of the first two games on the Gamecube, you might really enjoy a bit of retro gaming; these are well worth re-visiting or buying at bargain prices!.. read now

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Following the success of WarioWare: Mega Microgames on the Gameboy Advance, WarioWare was released on the Gamecube. Like its portable counterpart, and although this had shades of Mario Party's varied quick fire rounds, WarioWare Inc.: Mega Party Games was unlike anything previously released on the system. WarioWare breathed new life into the mini game genre with its imaginative, time limited, quick fire, wacky games... read now

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Following up from their critically acclaimed Zelda: Majora's Mask and Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64, the Gamecube version caused a stir with its new cartoon visual style. Apart from this the game continues along their well known themes - again aimed towards their fans who had followed the Zelda franchise from its roots on their console in the 80's, the NES... read now

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Animal Crossing for Gamecube was originally a Japanese game (Dobutsu no Mori, released in 2001) which finally made it to Europe in 2004. First impressions may well be that it is a kids' game, as the graphics are bright and cartoon-like, and it seems like a simple premise to live and work in a fantasy town, but there is far far more to the game than that... read now

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