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Here, we write about different types of video games. Like films you can group games into genres that describe the sort of experience you will have. You know what to expect when you rent a Chick Flick or Thriller. Similarly, these pages help you learn what to expect from the various types of game genre, be that Rhythm Action, Adventure, Real Time Strategy or something else. Even if you like playing online casino, Rainbow Riches or bingo online we've got it covered.

Choosing a video game is another big decision. Not only are you parting with your money, but also investing considerable time to play it. A good game should entertain not only you but the others in the room, and on occasion can be the reason for getting together with old friends to share your discovery.

Once you've found a game you enjoy, a great way to find more experiences you are likely to appreciate is to look for other titles in the genre. Each of our genre pages includes a potted description and a growing list of the games we have covered.

For more input on the best gaming experiences, you can join us as we highlight the games we enjoy. The Console section then provides one place for all our review and guides on your chosen hardware.

Once you have started to pick out a few games you like, our Genre pages should help you find similar games that may also suit. Let's summarise the different types of games here: