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Shooting Genre

Here are the genres we use. And below is a list of all out Shooting game coverage:

Shooting games present a world in which the character must shoot their way out of dangerous situations. They provide the player with an array of weapons tailored to specific tasks. This unavoidably involves a combination of fisticuffs and gun based fighting that dictates the violent nature of these experiences. Beneath this harsh exterior though is often an intricate tactile game - and this is usually what drives the player.

Shooting games usually comprise of a campaign mode (where the player works through a story) and multiplayer mode (where the player tries to out shoot other players before they themselves get shot).

First Person shooting such as Halo 3 360 are viewed through the eyes of the in-game character. Players can freely run around the environment working their way through each level. As graphics have improved these games are now able to render realistic renderings of the game world, endowing the player with an added sense of immersion.

Third Person shooting such as Fracture 360 or Uncharted: Drake's Fortune PS3 are played over the shoulder of the game character. Becuase the player is in view these games provide more hand-to-hand combat sections, and often enable them to hide behind cover.

On Rails shooting games give the player control over the direction of the gun but not the movement of the character. Like the lightgun based shooting games of old, they are taken down a preset path and tasked with shooting the various enemies as they pop-up. This is the videogaming equivalent of a shooting range.

Shoot 'em ups place the player in some craft or spaceship as they travel through a sideways scrolling environment. The play controls the flight of their craft, while the game automatically scrolls sideways. These games date back to classic arcade games such as the original Space Invaders. More recently games such as Ikarigua Gamecube have focused on dodging bullets as much as shooting. Players develop their reactions and bullet grazing (read: dodging) skills to progress through levels littered with munitions.